MP3Test 1.7

MP3Test helps you to sort out such damaged songs in your mp3 collection
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MP3 files are sensible files that can be damaged due to virus attacks, corrupted data or hard disk crash. MP3Test analyzes your MP3 files for errors. Errors can be frame or CRC errors. MP3Test can process files one by one or in batch mode. When batch mode is used files are separated in two groups "damaged songs" and "error free songs", depending on the result of the test in each file.
Organizing files this way, MP3Test makes it easy for us to decide what to do with damaged songs, we can delete them, move them, play them, or whatever we want.
MP3Test is a very useful software as many times we want to burn CDs with MP3 files in our computer, and this software allows us to check files before burning. This way we can reduce the amount of CDs lost because of burning damaged files.
MP3Test supports different languages and several interesting features such as ID3 Tag Editing.
MP3Test is a demo version, although I couldn't find any disabled function, the only difference I noticed is that this version shows "Unregistered" in the main screen.

Jorge Tierno Alvite
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  • Original program, I never heard of any software like this before


  • It doesn't fix files
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